Elastic Kitty Cat Pan Liners


6 Cartons (60 elastic liners) | Free Standard Shipping*!

Our non-sifting, solid Elastic Cat Pan Liner is designed for those that chose to keep their kitty’s litter pan fresh and clean the old fashioned way by scooping. Our patented Kitty Cat Elastic Litter Pan Liners have a built-in, elastic band attached to the top of the liner to hold it securely in the pan. This elastic feature not only keeps the liner in place but it also has the flexibility to fit many different sized litter pans. To clean the litter box, simply remove the solid liner and replace with a new one!

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  • You get 6 cartons (each carton contains 10 elastic liners) = 60 elastic liners.
  • Extra-Giant liners sized 37”x18” fit most Large, Giant and Extra-Giant pans.
  • The elastic litter pan liners feature our Sta-Put Elastic Technology that ensures a secure fit while holding the liner in place. These liners are designed to stay put in the cat litter pan for safe, easy and sanitary clean-up.
  • These easy to use liners utilize our flexible elastic top to accommodate most litter pans.
  • No more messy litter pan to clean!

Liners are Wonderful

We’ve used Alphapet Sifters for over 12 years and ordered them from the manufacturer before they were available thru retail.. We LOVE them. They are easy to install and use, save cat sand, minimize dust from the sand when changing, and are cost effective.

Senior Review

For-a-senior/disabled persons these are the best way to keep kitty in clean litter boxes. You don’t have to wash the box out or change it weekly. I can lift one layer to give her a clean box anytime!

Helping Husband

This product makes my life so much easier and sanitary. Even my husband doesn’t mind cleaning the cat box.

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Weight 88 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 8.5 in