Meet AlfaPet

Since 1969, Alfa Pet has been providing innovations and inventions for Pets and simple solutions for Pet Owners

Alfa-Pet founder, and proud WWII Veteran, Benjamin M. Schulein Jr’s first recorded trademark in 1992 was “Reward Their Love” which has always been at the foundation of Alfa-Pet. When you choose Alfa-Pet, we will reward your love by providing you with products that can help quickly, safely, and easily clean your cat’s litter pan. In turn, you will have a happy cat, a clean litter pan and more time to spend with your pet.

In the early 1990’s, spear-headed by Ben, Alfa-Pet invented the very popular Kitty Cat Sifting Litter Pan Liners which were designed to work exclusively with the emergence of the market of clumping cat litter. This idea and product provides a fast, safe, and sanitary way to clean your cat’s litter pan! Just lift the sifting liner and watch as the clean litter sifts back into the pan, leaving only the clumps of waste.

More recently, Alfa-Pet has made these sifting liners even easier for pet owners to use by incorporating our patented Sta-Put elastic technology! The Kitty Cat Sifting Elastic Litter Pan Liners simplify the set-up process and eliminate the need for a rubber-band fastener which saves the cat owner much needed time. This product also provides a quick, safe, and clean way to remove clumps from your cat’s litter pan! Simply lift the sifting liner and watch the clean cat litter sift through, leaving only the clumps.

Alfa-Pet is also proud to add our very popular, non-sifting, patented Kitty Cat Elastic Litter Pan Liners to our selection of products. This solid liner, invented by our current President & CEO – Marty Johnes, has an elastic band in the top that ensures a secure fit while staying put in the pan. Our elastic feature not only keeps the liner in place but it also has the flexibility to fit many different sizes of litter pans. This product, unlike many “knock-off” elastic liners on the market, has the elastic sewed into the liner thus preventing your cat from using it as a toy or worse, a choking hazard! Our Kitty Cat Elastic pan liners are designed to be safe, while saving you time by providing a quick and sanitary way to maintain your cat’s litter pan.

Although this is just a brief explanation of our products, we at Alfa-Pet hope to have impressed upon you our dedication to providing you – our customers – with products that quickly, easily, and safely maintain your cat’s litter pan! This way, you will have more time to “Reward Their Love.”

We know you might be thinking these Kitty Cat litter pan liners sound great (and they are!) but what if some cats claw at them? Will that make them less effective? That’s why we are offering new users and those who register here at our site, a sample kit of our liners so that you and your cat can decide whether Kitty Cat pan liners are right for your family!

Thank you so much for considering Alfa-Pet’s Kitty Cat Pan Liners!!

Marty A Johnes
CEO & President
Alfa-Pet Inc.